Friday, June 1, 2012

Executive Committee of State Bar's Labor and Employment Law Section Adds AALRR Partner Thomas Lenz

The State Bar of California regulates the practice of law throughout California and also provides a variety of member services.   Among these member services are Sections for attorneys in a variety of practice areas.  The Labor and Employment Law Section plays a leading role as a forum for attorneys and non-attorneys to discuss and learn about labor and employment law.  Mr. Lenz looks forward to working with the very distinguished committee members from throughout the State and on all sides of the labor and employment practice in a term that runs from October 2012 to October 2015.  More information on the State Bar's Labor and Employment Law Section can be found here:

AALRR Partner Thomas Lenz Quoted On Developments Surrounding NLRB Appointees And Recent Resignation Of Board Member Terrence Flynn

Issues of whether the President has validly appointed members of the National Labor Relations Board panel in Washington, DC continue to develop.  One recess appointment, Terrence Flynn, announced his resignation in late May, effective in July 2012.  Mr. Lenz was contacted by influential online legal publication for commentary identifying issues which have arisen with the composition of the current NLRB panel and the likelihood of an appointment to replace Member Flynn between his July 2012 departure and the November Presidential election.  The article, available to subscribers only, can be accessed here.

AALRR Partner Thomas Lenz Quoted On New NLRB Social Media Guidance

The National Labor Relations Board has issued guidance on several occasions dealing with social media from the perspective of employees' rights to use it for workplace issues and employers' rights to limit social media activity.   A May 30, 2012NLRB memorandum issued from the General Counsel's office highlighted seven cases and, in one instance, reflected NLRB's complete approval of a social media policy.   The article, containing Mr. Lenz's quotes, can be found here: