Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NLRB Delays New Posting Requirement to January 31, 2012:

By Jonathan Judge

As previously reported here, in late August, the National Labor Relations Board confirmed the approval of a final rule which requires all employers under NLRB jurisdiction to post a Notice which will inform employees of their rights. Today, the NLRB issued a press release announcing that the date employers will be required to post the notice will be postponed to January 31, 2012 from November 14, 2011. The postponement follows pushback from businesses and trade organizations after the final rule was published. The NLRB states that more time is needed for enhanced education and outreach to employers, especially small and medium sized businesses. The full press release may be read here.

The NLRB's announcement buys more time for private sector employers to seek guidance on how this new NLRB rule will impact their business and communications with employees.